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Prayer is vital to a strong, rewarding relationship with God.  Prayer can be spoken, sung, written, or offered silently.  We pray alone and in groups.  God is available to us 24/7, and wants to hear our prayers.  Prayer is central to the St. Andrew's faith community.  We offer to pray for and with each other under many circumstances - in joy, sorrow, waiting, hoping.

Prayer Room

The prayer room, which sits alongside the sanctuary, is available for individuals or small groups who want to gather in a sacred space to pray. On the bookshelves are Bibles and books of prayers for your use.  

Prayers of Comfort
Pastor Sarah is available to pray with you in a time of concern or crisis, whether it is before a surgery, or in another time of need.  Please call the church office or contact Pastor Sarah to request prayer.       

Prayer Concerns

Prayer requests are shared with the Prayer Team.  It is a privilege for us to share your burdens, worries, joys and life milestones. 

Healing Prayer (Once a month, during worship)
he opportunity for individuals to pray privately with a Pastor or a Deacon is offered as part of the worship experience.  Worshipers are invited to leave worship briefly to receive private prayer, or to come to the front of the sanctuary to light a prayer candle.  

How can we pray for you?

Thank you! We will be praying!



Here are the local social justice organizations that we closely follow and participate with, whether individually or collectively.




Friends of Hazelnut Grove,
Thank you for signing the petition in support of Hazelnut Grove Village. Together, we've collected more than 2,000 signatures online and on the street!

The petition is one tool we are using to educate people about the village movement and life at Hazelnut Grove, build power, quantify community support, and gather testimonies from thousands of supporters to present to the city. It alone will not save the village but you joining and building this grassroots movement together with us will.

The City of Portland released an article yesterday officially indicating their plans to begin 'decommissioning' Hazelnut Grove this month. We are not surprised by this news but the cruelty of forcefully evicting an entire community in the winter in the middle of a pandemic stings. The news comes even as the Overlook Neighborhood Association (a vocal opponent of HG) has changed its tune and is now calling for the city to keep the village in place until at least spring, possibly summer, as the city works to honor its promise.

We could use your support in the next few days. There are a number of action items you can take while the Village determines how it will respond:

1. If you haven't already, please send the petition on to 10 people right now. Compose a personalized email to each person and tell them why this matters to you and ask them to leave a comment.  

If you are in Portland and are part of an organization or faith community whose values align with the Village and you wish to endorse the campaign, please email us at If your organization has a large network and you can blast it out, now is the time.

2. As the news begins to travel, help us keep the conversation focused on the stories of residents and the promise the city made to the village. When you repost a story, provide context and help teach your followers about the community at Hazelnut Grove. If threads are misguided, re-center the Village. Here are some suggestions for re-centering:

  • Displacing people during a pandemic in the middle of the winter is cruel and violent. Period. We rise in solidarity with all people across this city who are currently being dehumanized, 'swept' and 'cleaned-up' by Ted Wheeler's administration.

  • Residents of Hazelnut Grove are housed. What the city is proposing is bulldozing the homes of formerly houseless people and making them houseless again.

  • We love the new St. John's Village! We want people to thrive in all types of shelter and for some, a village managed by a social service agency is a solution. After being threatened with eviction, some Hazelnut Grove residents are willingly and excitedly moving to St. John's. Others feel coerced and are begrudgingly moving away from their homes and community out of fear of being forced out into the cold. For the residents choosing to stay at Hazelnut Grove, a self-governed village is the solution. The city promised to honor this solution. We're growing a movement of neighbors and advocates who are demanding the city keep its promise.

  • Most villages being built by the city and supported by the non-profit industrial complex are temporary. Either people are only allowed to live in the village for a certain period of time or the village itself has an expiration date. Hazelnut Grove is not a stepping stone to 'better' housing. It is one of many permanent housing solutions. Residents of Hazelnut Grove have established continuity and stability for working, retired, and unemployed people, veterans, transgender and queer people, disabled people, elders, couples, pets, and poor white and BIPOC residents.

  • Hazelnut Grove has a lot of support from neighbors living on the grid in the Overlook neighborhood. They regularly show up for the Village financially and logistically, have been vocal opponents of the Overlook Neighborhood Association board's push to demolish the village, and are actively engaged in the campaign to Save Hazelnut Grove.

  • None of the reasons the city is proposing 'decommissioning' are insurmountable to either maintaining the village in its current location or moving Hazelnut Grove as a whole. If accessing the site is challenging - let's build a driveway. If the city wants to sever financial ties with the village - let's establish a land trust and develop the infrastructure to make the village sustainable off the grid. If the soil is contaminated - let's remediate (if it's possible to remediate it for the public use being proposed by the neighborhood association it's possible to remediate it for housing). If the site is actually at risk for landslides and that is not just an excuse being used by spiteful long-term opponents of the Grove pretending to have humanitarian motives - let's work with the Shelter to Housing Continuum Project to move the entire self-governed, permanent village to a suitable location as promised (and build three more self-governed villages while we're at it).

  • Mayor Ted Wheeler and the Overlook Neighborhood Association are suggesting people in the village live in tents and that the property is covered in garbage. Flood feeds with this video tour of the village. Show the residents thriving in their cabins and telling their stories of stability and transformation.

3. Ready yourself to respond to calls for support and direction from villagers this week. We'll be communicating here via email and on Twitter and Instagram @HazelnutGrove.

4. Join us for a press conference on Zoom, Saturday, January 23rd at 1pm. In the Poor People's Campaign, the organizing home for many Hazelnut Grove residents, we never stand alone when we tell our stories. We are backed by our family. We invite you to join us to be in solidarity and witness our stories. Register for the press conference here.

Forward Together, Not One Step Back!
Hazelnut Grove Village
Oregon Poor People's Campaign
Overlook Neighbors