Steps Toward Social Justice

This page is a central place for church members interested in social justice to find information on upcoming events and gatherings.

Let’s Lift a Moral Voice Against Inhumane Conditions Faced by Immigrants


Join thousands of people of conscious across the USA to shine a light on the horrific abuses of the Trump administration to protest the inhumane conditions faced by refugees. 

At 9pm local time, ateverydetention camp, ICE Facility, and in cities, towns, and homes around America, a sea of candles will light up the nation.

There are two events happening locally, the information for one can be found by visiting Lights for Liberty at PBPF.And the other can be found at this Facebook event page.

Event organizers have asked for supporters to please bring your own candle if possible.

Here’s How You Can Take Action in Support of Amazon Workers on Prime Day


Workers at Amazon warehouses and distribution centers have some of the worst working conditions in the country, and Amazon is now the second largest US employer behind Walmart. Workers around the world, around the country, and right here in the Portland area are fighting back!

This year during the week of Amazon Prime Day, there will be solidarity rallies and BBQs at twoof the Portland area Amazon warehouses: 

•Tuesday, July 16, 7-8:30pm, PDX5 Amazon warehouse, 5647 NE Huffman St Hillsboro, OR

•Wednesday, July 17, 11:30-1pm,DPD1 Amazon warehouse, 4000 Block of NW Yeon Portland OR (park on NW 35th)

Let's bring workers and community supporters together to build a campaign to win workers rights at Amazon!

Click Herefor more information about the PDX Amazon Workers Solidarity Campaign.

Click to support the work of the Spirit Led Justice Alliance with $10 a month donation!

Priced Out is a feature-length documentary about the challenges and complexities of gentrification. The film follows the life of one woman over 15 years as she moves from embracing gentrification as a solutions to the neighborhoods problems to cursing it. More information about the project at


We Want Justice And We Want Police Held Accountable!

Wednesday Jun 26 9 am - 2pm •  Portland City Hall •   1221 SW 4th Avenue, Portland, OR

Wednesday Jun 26 9 am - 2pm • Portland City Hall • 1221 SW 4th Avenue, Portland, OR

PNWFC Family Member Letha Winston's demand to Mayor Wheeler: Release the entire unedited video of Patrick Kimmon's murder!

It is time to prove that people of faith care enough to show up and demand justice when police kill innocent Black men. Join this rally in downtown Portland marching from the Mayor's office to Multnomah County Courthouse to the Justice Center.

We Can Improve the Lives of Farmworkers
by Supporting Equitable Food Initiative


Farm Worker Ministry partners with Equitable Food Initiative (EFI) to improve the lives of farm workers and ensure safer food.

Make a purchase of EFI-certified fresh fruit or vegetables at a participating Costco and you’ll be supporting healthier working conditions for farm workers and a safer, more equitable food system.

Find the Responsibly Grown, Farmworker Assured label at a west coast Costco stores.

Farm workers receive a bonus for each purchase of Responsibly Grown, Farm worker Assured produce, and more than $6 million has been generated in worker bonuses in just the first four years of the program.

If you purchase before July 5, EFI will do even more for farm workers by donating sun protection equipment for field workers.

Spread the word and share images of labeled produce with the #GrowtheGood + #Sweepstakes for a chance to win $100 Costco gift card!

Post a photo of Responsibly Grown, Farmworker Assured labeled produce with #GrowtheGood + #Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $100 Costco gift card!  Don't forget to tag @equitablefood.

Ten (10) winners will be announced Friday, July 12th. If you're selected, we'll contact you via private message with further details. Good luck!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Subject to Official Rules available at

For more information about EFI and how you can do more to support farm workers, visit

Support Paid Family and Medical Leave For Every Oregonian


House Bill 2005-3, the paid family and medical leave bill, is currently being considered by our lawmakers. To make sure House Bill 2005-3 passes in 2019, we need to remind our legislators that paid family and medical leave is critical to all of our families. 

Nobody should have to choose between their family or a paycheck. 

Send a message to your legislators right now and ask them to vote YES on HB2005-3

Let’s Lift a Moral Voice for Drivers Licenses for All


Take action today for immigrant justice and lift a moral voice for HB 2015! Licenses are a core everyday need for Oregon's families. HB 2015 passed through the Weighs and Means Committee this week and was approved by the House, now it is on its way to the Senate! Click Here to let your Senators know that all Oregonians need driver's licenses!

Advocate for An Important Hate Crimes Bill Before it Stalls Out in the Legislature!


Oregon lives at the top of the nation for per capita hate crimes, and that is unacceptable. It is a moral imperative that we move this legislation through to passage!

It is currently stalled in the Senate Ways & Means Committee. To learn more about it and to gather some talking points, read this story in the Willamette Weekand this letter from CAIR-Oregon!

Join us in urging the co-sponsors of the bill to move this important legislation forward!

Sen. Steiner Hayward: OR at 503–986–1717.

Sen. Betsy Johnson: OR at 503–986–1716.

Rep. Dan Rayfield: OR at 503–986–1416.

Support OHSU Workers Who Are Fighting for a Fair Contract!


Help Keep Firearms Out Of The Hands Of Domestic Abusers. Support HB-2013.

HB 2013 — a critical bill to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers — is about to have its first hearing in the Oregon Senate.

Currently, Oregon law prohibits domestic abusers from purchasing firearms, but doesn't require them to turn in any guns that they may already own. This law would close that dangerous loophole, and protect Oregon communities from abusers armed with guns.

Debra, we need to build support for this bill so that when it's ready to go to a vote, our lawmakers know Oregonians want them to vote yes. Add your name to this petition telling lawmakers to vote YES on HB 2013.

Click to support the work of the Spirit Led Justice Alliance with $10 a month donation!

You Can Stop The Expansion of Dangerous Shipments of Crude Oil Through Portland. Here is How:


Extinction Rebellion recently took over Zenith Energy, dumping a truck full of soil over the train tracks and planting a 'victory over fossil fuels' garden, complete with sheds and scarecrows. You can view the action live stream or read more Zenith here!

"We want the flow of fossil fuels, and the flow of capital that supports it, to stop – and at the brink of extinction, we are not asking for permission.”

Zenith Energy began exporting tar sands oil from its Willamette River facility last year. In 2018 it exported more than $71 million of crude oil, up from only $2,535 the year before. Now it is expanding so it can handle over three times the number of oil train cars. Oil trains endanger public safety and public health and create environmental risks.

We join with Extinction Rebellion and demand clean air, clean rivers, and a city that is safe for everyone.

Together we urge the City of Portland to use its authority to halt expansion of tar sands shipments through our community. Please join us in calling the Mayor and City Commissioners to immediately hold a public hearing where Zenith Energy representatives meet with Portland residents and local government officials to hear our concerns! Here's a sample message:

"Thank you for opposing Zenith Energy’s tar sands oil transport in Portland. In accordance with the City of Portland’s policy of opposing oil trains, I urge the City of Portland to hold a public hearing where representatives from Zenith Energy will meet with Portland residents and local government officials to hear their concerns. Because the expansion of the Zenith Energy’s facility is already underway, this hearing should occur as soon as possible."

Portland City Commissioners Phone Lines 

Wheeler 503-823-4127 opinion line, 503-823-4120 main line

Eudaly 503-823-4682

Fish 503-823-3589

Fritz 503-823-3008

Hardesty 503-823-4151