Prayer and Prayer Requests

Prayer is vital to a strong, rewarding relationship with God.  Prayer can be spoken, sung, written, or offered silently.  We pray alone and in groups.  God is available to us 24/7, and wants to hear our prayers.  Prayer is central to the St. Andrew's faith community.  We offer to pray for and with each other under manycircumstances - in joy, sorrow, waiting, hoping.  

Prayer Room
The prayer room, which sits alongside the sanctuary, is available for individuals or small groups who want to gather in a sacred space to pray. On the bookshelves are Bibles and books of prayers for your use.  

Prayers of Comfort
Pastor Sarah is available to pray with you in a time of concern or crisis, whether it is in the hospital before a surgery, or in your home in a time of need.  Please call the church office or contact Pastor Sarah to request prayer.    

Prayer Concerns
Each week in worship, the ushers gather prayer cards during the first hymn.  Prayer cards are available in the pew racks. These prayer requests are announced in worship,if confidentiality is not requested.  They are also shared with the Prayer Team, and listed in our weekly e-news. It is a privilege for us to share our burdens, worries, joys and life milestones. 

Healing Prayer (Once a month, during worship)
The opportunity for individuals to pray privately with a Pastor or a Deacon is offered as part of the worship experience.  Worshipers are invited to leave worship briefly to receive private prayer, or to come to the front of the sanctuary to light a prayer candle.  

Prayer Requests