St. Andrew’s Communication Policy

St. Andrew’s is a vibrant and active community with many exciting things going on, making efficient communication about all of our events and activities very important. We have several avenues for sharing communications with our congregation and community including our website, weekly e-news, Sunday bulletin, and social media. In order to ensure that the church is able to share updates and information in a timely manner the following procedure should be followed: 

Fill out the online Communication Form which can be found on the St. Andrew’s website and in the weekly e-news. Hard copies of the Communication Form are located in the church office if you prefer.

  1. Please include all key information about your event or activity, including a contact person.

  2. Be sure to check the church calendar for scheduling conflicts before submitting your request.

  3. If your communication needs to include a graphic image one will be selected or created for you or you may include a digital file with your request.

  4. Your communication wording may be edited for brevity, appropriateness, or grammatical correctness.

  5. Communication requests will first go to the Communication Elder who will review the request for possible missing information, graphic design needs, and social media potential before forwarding to office staff and the Pastor for approval and publication.

    Your communication is for a LARGE EVENT: 

    Most communications benefit from being published for several weeks. And certain events and activities are ideal for being posted on social media to help us get the word out to our neighbors. For these reasons please plan ahead as much as possible and submit your communication request at least 6 weeks and no less than 4 weeks before the event or activity you are promoting. 

    Your communication is for an activity and needs graphics:

    This would include activities such as volunteer requests, special interest groups (book club, quilters, etc.), or announcements that are intended for the church congregation rather than the neighboring community. The deadline for submitting an activity communication request that needs graphics is the end of the business day Tuesday ONE WEEK before your intended publication date.

    Your communication is an activity, as described above, but does not need graphics:

    The deadline for submitting an activity communication request without graphics is the end of the business day Tuesday for inclusion in the next upcoming Weekly E-News and Sunday bulletin.

Communication Request Form

Please read the Communication Policy, located on the St. Andrew's website, before filling out this form. Answer only the questions that pertain to your request. The current Communication Elder is Becky Schiefelbein and you may contact her at or 503-481-9727 with questions. Turn your completed form into the office for publication.

Name *

If you have a graphic image already selected please attach it to this request. In the case that your non-digital graphic image doesn’t scan well you will be contacted to discuss alternative options.