Facilities Use

St. Andrew's has extensive facilities that are available for community rental.  Please fill out the form below to apply for building use or contact our church office if you have any questions. 



Facilities Use Form

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Today's Date
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Insurance Phone
All information must be completely filled out, signed, and returned to the Church Office before your requested date(s) of use. As we do not have a full-time custodian, it will be the responsibility of each group using the church facility to set-up and take down for their event. This includes: putting away tables and chairs, taking garbage out to the dumpster, and making sure the space is left in the same condition in which you found it. Keys need to be checked out from the Office Administrator prior to your event and you are responsible for making sure the building is secure after your use. Please return keys promptly. We shall hold harmless the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) for any injuries or accidents that may occur on their premises, while we are participating thereon. I have received a copy of the policies governing the use of the church facilities. Please type your full name below as a digital signature