Connect with Others

We believe that all are created in the image of God; beautiful, valuable, and unique.  Gathering together for the purpose of friendship is an expression of that belief, a statement that ALL are to be known and valued.   We build a caring community at St. Andrew's by gathering in small groups, seeking spiritual transformation as we get to know and care about one another and as we serve God together.  Group members come together to:

  • BELONG in a caring group of people where you are known and have the chance to build authentic spiritual friendships.
  • BECOME more like Christ by pursuing spiritual growth through prayer, Bible study, and other spiritual practices.
  • BLESS by serving with others using gifts and callings.  Demonstrate Christ's love for the world, and andhelp form new groups to benefit others.

How can I become involved?
If you want more than the fellowship and worship of Sunday morning, find a way to get involved.  You will meet new people, have opportunities to grow in faith, share your faith, and serve your church and community.  There are a variety ofsmall groups, study groups, ministry teams, affinity groups,and Mariner shipsto join.

To get started, email Pastor Sarah at

The Opportunity
Community.  God created us to live in relationships, with each other and with God.  Authentic community involves sharing life together and connecting on many levels with others in a group setting.
Group Development.  Every group goes through various stages as members get to know each other, come to care about each other, bond and mature together.  The process is like the human life cycle in many ways.
Bible Study.  The Bible is the story of God's engagement in our world throughout history.  We need to study the Bible to better understand God and our own purpose.  The process of study and discussion in a group will help us to grow in faith and spiritual maturity.
Change.  Part of the purpose of belonging to a group is to facilitate your own growth and change, as God leads you toward a clearer understanding of what it is to follow Christ as a disciple.  This happens when we take the risk to allow God to speak to us through the interactions with a group.
Healing and Redemption.  Healing happens best in the context of a caring community of friends.  Small groups help us to see ourselves through the eyes of others, to share our stories and fears, and ultimately to be released from the things that keep us from being the people God intended us to be.
Mission.  God wants us to make a positive difference in the world, through acts of service and love.  This involves setting the captives free, healing the broken-hearted, and sharing the life-changing truth of Christ.