Holy Yoga: Stretch Your Body, Strengthen Your Faith



Every Tuesday and Friday at St. Andrew's, Sandee Budreau gives new meaning to the term "exercise your faith." Part of a program called Holy Yoga, Sandee facilitates yoga sessions with christian meditations, verses, and themes, allowing yogis to meditate on their faith with every chaturanga dandasana and upward dog. 

Holy Yoga 4 pillars of belief are Christ Centered, Yoga, Living Beyond Our Selves & Community. For this reason, Sandee picks a different charitable cause to donate proceeds to every month. Class is a suggested $10 donation but are all welcome regardless of payment. 

Come exersize your faith at Holy Yoga every Tuesday at 6pm and Friday at 9:30am. All levels are welcome because this gathering is about more than just the yoga.

The money we collected for the month of June went to Union Gospel Mission through that Amazon Wish List.