Paths of Recovery

            If you or a loved one has ever faced addiction concerns, you know the path to recovery is not an easy one.  Even if you are fortunate enough to have family members and friends for support, you may still need a little extra help.  The Paths of Recovery ministry at St. Andrew’s offers a support and education system to fill those gaps.

            We maintain a supply of recovery literature available to all in the lounge.  Also three twelve-step meetings are held every week in the lounge as well.  Two of these are AA (Tuesday Women’s at 7:30 PM and Thursday at 8 PM), and the third is Al-Anon (Saturday at 9 AM).

            When a St. Andrew’s family member or friend is in need of a Paths of Recovery minister, he, she, a family member or friend can start the process by calling Pastor Sarah for a referral.  She will return the call for more information, and find a compatible Paths of Recovery minister to help. 

The Paths of Recovery ministry is coordinated by the deacons of St. Andrew’s. The ministers are members of St. Andrew’s who have indicated an interest in helping to provide these services. All communications are carried out with complete confidentiality.

Twelve-step recovery is a spiritual journey, and necessary for some of us if we are to be the people we are meant to be.  Anyone who feels the need of that help is welcome.

- Greg Williams